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Jul 2014
Practical information: Packaging Environmental claims
Sep 2014


SestrieresThe EMBALLAGE International Packaging Exhibition is a true showcase and the summit of the packaging industry. It has recently joined with the CNE (National Council for Packaging), creating an opportunity for both organisations to pool their skills in order to attain the best packaging has to offer, as stressed by Véronique Sestrières, organiser of the exhibition.



What does EMBALLAGE symbolise today?


The EMBALLAGE exhibition has become a reference in the packaging industry – it boasts over 1,500 exhibitors from all over the world, 300 conferences and expects some 100,000 visitors over four days. All of the steps of the process are being represented: raw materials, machinery, finalised packaging, shipping packaging, related services and also manutention, which has its own exhibition booth… The EMBALLAGE Exhibition is therefore a unique site dedicated to the meeting of offer and demand, showcasing the packaging industry, as well as a must-go to monitor marketing, technology and competitive developments.
What will be the main novelties of the November 2014 edition?


Innovation has always been at the heart of the packaging industry and it will be put under the spotlight for this 41st edition. It will be the guideline of the entire exhibition, illustrating the constant technological evolutions used to improve the primary function of the packaging, that is, to protect its content – or the innovations developed by manufacturers in order to meet the evolving regulations, environmental constraints, marketing challenges and new modes of consumption. Besides these “classic” topics visitors may discover, thanks to the Pack innovation operation for instance, the exhibition will emphasise the crucial role played by packaging in the struggle against wastage, as well as the role it plays in circular economy. The latter will be the topic of one of the conferences organised by the CNE, one in which several international parties will take part.


You recently joined with the CNE, a long-time partner of EMBALLAGE. Why did you choose to become a member?


As any exhibition organiser, we must foster positive relationships with professional organisations. I’d say that our partnership with the CNE came about naturally. Indeed, the CNE’s goal is to promote our sector and ours is to support its actors and help them come together every two years. Given our common objectives, it seemed natural to take our partnership to another level. Furthermore, the CNE having a national calling while we tend to a more international one, we would truly be complementing each other by working together.


How do you envision your part in the CNE?


It seems obvious that we won’t provide technical support. We do have at our disposition, however, great expertise regarding our industry’s communication and promotion – both in France and internationally. One of the goals we decided on when we joined the CNE was to help our industry’s members work together in order for them to carry a common and federating message, be it to promote innovations or to better defend the industry against the attacks it occasionally suffers. The saying has it right: if you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.



EMBALLAGE International Exhibition, 17-20 November 2014, in Paris Nord Villepinte