Caroline Delacour from WORLDPRESSONLINE Interview

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Apr 2015
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Caroline Delacour from WORLDPRESSONLINE Interview



Discover everything on the world of packaging with Caroline Delacour, Sales & Marketing Director, who will tell us about WorldPressOnline. Let’s try to find out more.


Can you tell us about the activities of WorldPressOnline?

WorldPressOnline is an information portal common to companies, national and international specialized press. It is what we commonly call a ”newswire”.

There have always been many of these in the financial industry; many of these websites then wanted to provide more general information, some with exclusively national coverage. But none has ever specialized in packaging, especially on an international scale.

WorldPressOnline has become a reference in the packaging industry. Above all, it is the official press partner of over 70 official conventions across the globe.

What kind of a relationship does the packaging world have with your company?

Quite simply, WorldPressOnline specializes exclusively in packaging and all its connected markets (pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, drinks, liquor and spirits, household products…), as well as in all kinds of materials (glass, plastic, cardboard…) and their connected technology.

The prepress industry, which is increasingly linked to packaging, has added itself to the list.

The French National Packaging Council and WorldPressOnline work on similar issues – how did the idea of a partnership arise?

The packaging world is both vast and small. The CNE, which has been implementing tremendous work over the last five years, deserved to acquire an international dimension without abandoning its goals on a national scale.

We offered the CNE a partnership similar to the one that we have had with the Emballage packaging exhibition for many years.

We felt that it was legitimate to grant the CNE both our short and long-term support: we think the CNE is the number one reference for packaging in France. This applies to all materials, all types of packaging, all sectors and to the packaging’s entire life cycle.

How will this partnership in favor of the “best of packaging”, an expression dear to the CNE, develop?

Together, we hope to promote and spread the CNE’s work to increase the value of the packaging sector.

This cannot be achieved without participation and commitment from French companies. That is why we appeal to them.

French companies have smart products and clever innovations, but they too often stay in the background and fade. A bargain for their foreign competitors, who seize the opportunity to take market shares from them.

Nowadays, the world belongs to those who communicate regularly and target their audience accordingly. Contrary to the common preconception, a company always has something to communicate about, be it a new product – associated with a brand or not –, corporate news (purchases, investments, openings of new branches), or even better, innovation (even if it doesn’t happen every year). All decision makers have buyers and promoters who subscribe to newswires, read their market’s specialized press in print or digital version, and look into connected blogs or social networks to obtain information about their sector quickly. The diversity of those media creates a kind of ”information sprawl”.

The more the press talks about a company, the more popular it becomes! ”You need to stop thinking that everyone knows your company and that it’s the one and only key player on your market.”

Market shareholders have short memories. Otherwise, why would the leader in the soda industry – whose name is known all around the world – still be spending substantial amounts of money on advertising and communication?

On a lower scale, we also should stop thinking that communication is expensive. Nowadays, there are many channels and offers – WorldPressOnline is one of them – that enable any company of any size to implement yearly communication, starting at 1,500 Euros before tax.

Companies need the press, and the press also needs companies, to offer updated and relevant communication to its readers and ”tomorrow’s decision makers”.

Granted, there are few journalists who take time to ”dissect and analyze information” anymore. They don’t have time for that either. ”Stop thinking that having a website is enough: a website is nothing without links and connections!” Do you think a journalist has the time to browse over 100 websites a day to find information? In addition, most online information is never dated or updated. That’s also why WorldPressOnline was created: it is a tool for journalists to receive qualified and relevant information easily and instantaneously.

On WorldPressOnline, a search engine lets them to access information per company or per keyword, and refer to archives based on their editorial calendar.