The 40th edition of the “Salon International EMBALLAGE” will take place in Paris in November 2012.

The exhibition is a real international showcase for the packaging industry. Once again, this year’s show features a range of various technologies and materials as well as events and conferences. It represents an opportunity for visitors and exhibitors alike to find out about the most recent innovations on the market.

Véronique Sestrières, the exhibition manager, tells us all about the new products presented during this unmissable event for the packaging industry, as well as the partnership set up this year with the “Conseil National de l’Emballage” (the French Packaging Council).

23_Pic01How is this 40th edition of the International Packaging Exhibition looking so far?


The tradeshow is an important event for every company in the industry.

From the 19th to the 22nd of November 2012, 1 300 exhibitors are coming – 47% of which from outside France – and more than 90 000 professionals will visit the show – 35% of which come from outside France, with over 95 different countries represented.

Our tradeshow has several specific characteristics. First and foremost, it is an international trade platform. But it is also the opportunity to highlight the entire sector by promoting the whole packaging chain through conferences and events, in collaboration with institutions and experts.


Speaking of which, in what will consist the partnership with the CNE?


The partnership with the CNE has always existed. Through the years, we have built a relationship based on communication and the regular exchange of information, without going beyond our respective remits.

This year, the partnership – at the instigation of Michel Fontaine and Bruno Siri – will be significantly strengthened by the organization of a meeting between Europe and the US.

Indeed, for the first time in Paris, the CNE, the AMERIPEN, the EUROPEN and the INCPEN will discuss the current situation and the progress of eco-designing in Europe and the United States, as well as setting new goals to be achieved during the coming years.

As the organizers of the EMBALLAGE tradeshow, we want to bring together all the knowledge and talent of people working in the packaging industry to face the challenges of continuing innovation, new regulations an d expectations from consumers.

We are more than happy that the partnership with the CNE is continuously developing: we are both willing to promote the best of packaging and to bind all the players of the sector together.


“Pack smart” is your motto. Do you think this represent the future of packaging?


Definitely! We want our exhibition to be the starting point for tomorrow’s innovation.

The packaging sector has always successfully faced technical, regulatory, environmental, marketing and economic challenges. That is what “Pack Smart” is all about: highlighting these multiple skills because the packaging sector doesn’t often publicize the progress it achieves.

Our exhibition is the perfect place to talk about and get information on the international market and to design the future of packaging. We are proud to have the CNE as a partner for this important event aimed at the professionals of the industry.

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