The “Packaging, health and safety” and “Waste and loss” working groups will soon release two new publications, which will be available on our Website. The CNE has thus started to identify projects for the second half of the year, consistently with the needs and expectations of its partners:


– Study of 10 markets. The CNE, ADEME (French Environment and Energy Management Agency) and ECO-EMBALLAGES are conducting packaging analysis together in several staple goods markets in order to identify factors explaining the evolution of packaging tonnage, as well as to assess the evolution of associated environmental impacts. Such a study had already been carried out for the 1997-2003 and 2004-2006 periods. The third focuses on 2006-2009.

The CNE strongly suggests to his members (retailers, converters, distributors…) to take part of the meeting organised in September (see the event part on this website), in order to validate the data and explanatory factors.


– Ecodesign of packaged products. This new working group, started in june, will update the CNE referential, reassert associated definitions, and review the checklist questions that need to be asked to allow for the “right” development of packaged consumer goods.

The other ecodesign tools currently available will be identified according to the goals of product marketing, in order to favour the implementation of a truly efficient ecodesigning process within companies.


– Biomaterials. By September 2011, the late 2009 position paper on “Compostable packaging and “biodegradable” plastic materials resulting from renewable resources” and the attached file will be updated with regard to innovations, technical progress and the public debate on that matter.


– The observatory on consumers and packaged products. After a first study on consumers and packaging, the CNE decided to implement an annual observatory. It will try to understand the behaviours of consumers and their evolutions, in order to anticipate and better meet their expectations.


– Packaging and e-commerce. The CNE will contribute to define this market and give packaging facts and figures concerning this new way of distribution and consumption. This new real economic trade has to be analysed because it is not anymore an emerging phenomenon.

Last but not least: the second edition of the “Emballé 3.0” competition : registration will open on October 1st, 2011! This edition will focus on packaging solutions for the future that would benefit the common good and the planet; it will cover four markets (food, perfumes/hygiene, toys and DIY).

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The “Packaging, health and safety” and “Waste and loss” working groups will soon release two new publications, which will be available on our Website. The CNE […]
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