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Mar 2014
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Apr 2014


As it is deeply involved in environmental issues, the national Federation of the French Families represents one of the major overviews the CNE has on the consumers’ opinions. The general director, Thierry Vidor, tells us about the reasons why he feels so concerned.Thierry VIDOR août 2011.


What kind of role does sustainable development issues play for the French Families?


The issues related to sustainable development and respect for the planet have become an imperative issue for our members. This is the reason why the national Federation of the French Families has been feeling so involved for 4 four years and has developed a transversal policy that impacts all our departments. This policy is also based on the fact that the Federation wants to make its members and the citizens more aware of sustainable development issues. So that taking part in the works of the CNE became essential to us.



Why is this important to you to sit around the table with manufacturers and packaging producers?


Let us be clear. We have nothing against manufacturers and do not want to go as far back as 2,000 years. We only want to think about major issues with professionals of the packaging chain and to find compromise with them in order to limit waste and set up packaging that do not impact the environment as much. This is why we do represent the families and take part in the works of the CNE.



To your mind, are manufacturers making some progress?


I think they do realize that it is necessary to act in order to preserve the environment and that they play a major role to make it cleaner and healthier, first for them and then for their children and relatives. Secondly, they are also really sensitive to the general opinion. Having a sustainable development approach is really interesting for them since it has become a major selling point.



Generally speaking, you think that everybody can act in order to preserve the environment…


Absolutely. This is one of the main opinions that the French Families tries to spread. Of course, manufacturers and politicians have a major role to play but we also think that everybody has to act more eco-friendly and to preserve the environment as far as possible. This can be really easy: apply recycling good practices, reduce the CO2 impact and spend less energy… These simple contributions can help increase everyone’s purchasing power and deeply reduce human impact on the environment.