CNE diary for the next three months

Mar 2011
Mar 2011

CNE diary for the next three months

For the next three months, the CNE’s diary is based around working groups and conferences on the best of packaging.


9_Pic01Tuesday 1 March 2011 – 2.30 pm – Working Group
Theme: “Packaging, health and safety”
At the CNE


Thursday 3 March 2011 – 2:30 pm – Communication comitee


Friday 4 March 2011 – 9.30 am – Working Group
Launch of a new working group on the theme “Waste and loss”
At the CNE – 2nd floor, hexagonal room
Waste and loss, particularly of food, is a known issue in both developed and developing countries. As an essential component of the product/packaging combination, packaging has various functions, including preservation and protection, for many staple goods (dietary, cosmetic, etc.). It may be part of one of the solutions to reducing food losses.


Tuesday 8 March 2011 – 9:30 am – Aerosol Forum
Michel Fontaine, President of the CNE, will open the forum’s sessions. He will present the recent work of the CNE.


Thursday 10 March 2011 – 11:00 am – Board meeting


Wenesday 16 March 2011 – Sustainable control of raw material : from conception to recycling
Bruno Siri will make a speech at the “atelier de presse” at the Ministery of Ecology, Sustainable development, Transportations and Housing.


Tuesday 22 March 2011 – 9.00 am to 5.00 pm – Outside speaker
LSA and Emballages Magazine conference on the theme “Green, lean or never before seen: how to redesign tomorrow’s packaging”


Thursday 7 April – 10.30 am – Outside speaker
Meeting of the Economic Committee of the Association of Packaging Paper and Cardboard Manufacturers
Speech by Chairman Michel Fontaine on the CNE’s approach to:

  • Preventing packaging waste,
  • Prevention indicators,
  • Packaging and wasted resources.


THURSDAY 28 APRIL – 9.00 am to 12.00 noon – Outside speaker
Conference organised by Agrion Paris and led by Bruno Siri, Executive Officer of the CNE.
On the programme:

  • Successes and challenges of responsible packaging in the value chain of packaged products
  • Tomorrow’s packaging
  • The end of life and second life of packaging


Monday 23 May 2011 – Meeting of the Board of Directors, followed by the CNE General Meeting at 4.00 pm


Thursday 7 July 2011 – Board Meeting


Thursday 8 september 2011 – Board Meeting