Interview of Eric ARIZZI – Chairman of the SECIMEP (International packaging and processing machinery trade association)

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Interview of Eric ARIZZI – Chairman of the SECIMEP (International packaging and processing machinery trade association)

Eric Arizzi1Could you briefly tell us about your trade association?

The SECIMEP, a professional trade association founded in 1999, gathers companies that distribute branding, monitoring, packaging and processing material in France on behalf of foreign groups.

They are either agents for foreign groups or subsidiaries.

Our 35 members are involved in food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors and in all packaging industries in the broadest sense.

We represent over 135 foreign brands and thus, we are widely represented in the packaging sector.

Our trade association gathers the companies in charge of distributing material and providing an after-sales service in France.

Some of our companies can also operate on foreign markets as re-exporters.


This year, the SECIMEP has joined the CNE as a member of its ninth grouping: could you explain us what drives your trade association to support the CNE and its actions?

The CNE’s approach immediately seemed attractive. It provides a general overview on the whole packaging industry which encouraged us to actively participate in the CNE’s actions. Through our presence, we would like to contribute to the project and put machinery manufacturers’ points of view forward.

Our manufacturers did not turn a deaf ear to the market’s evolutions and changes in regulation and we tried to improve keeping this objective in mind.

We hope that, thanks to the CNE, our knowledge in the equipment area will bring added value.


What are the major concerns of the SECIMEP’s members regarding packaging?

Can the CNE be legitimate to document some of these concerns?

Our concerns are those of our customers, that is to say manufacturers in the different sectors we represent.

Some of our concerns focus on cost price, profitability, packaging efficiency and others on safety (food and pharmaceutical safety), traceability and product’s aesthetic.

Obviously, the CNE is a good intermediary to convey these concerns.


The SECIMEP now actively participates in the CNE’s collective intelligence within its working groups. According to you, which leverages could be activated with the CNE to further improve “the best of packaging”?

We hope that our participation will allow machinery manufacturers to attain greater recognition. They are less noticeable than packaging among the concerns of the sector, yet the packaging/machinery couple is inseparable.


Which cross-fertilisation should be set up for a successful collaboration between the CNE and the SECIMEP?

The SECIMEP insists on being fully involved in working groups and in the development of the subjects the CNE deals with.

We think it is a first step. We hope that there will be a better knowledge of our activities and constraints thanks to the participation in working groups.


The SECIMEP (Armelle Philippart) has recently participated in the drawing up of the following document: “Packaging and Logistics”, could you tell us more about how your federation views the working group’s organisation (running, networks, reports, etc.)? Would you like to mention any suggestion or areas of improvement?

Our participation in the “packaging and logistics” working group has been very interesting: running the group, the transmission method of the document and taking the participants’ commentaries into consideration were all most interesting.

The topic of packaging machinery could be legitimately included in this subject.

However, the number of federations at the working table with respect to the number of companies could be improved.


Do you have any suggestion to improve the activities and thus the visibility of the CNE?

We do not have any advice to give as we think that the CNE’s work is wonderful, the visibility and above all the quality and the seriousness of the documents are very positive. Our suggestion would eventually focus on the organisation of a round table gathering the sector’s stakeholders on a particular topic such as “packaging reduction”, “food safety”, “production traceability” …