Interview of Gilles PACAULT – Vice-president Delegate PRODIMARQUES

Interview of Karima BOUKOUNA – Logistics and Supply chain ASLOG – French Association of Supply chain and Logistics
Dec 2015
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Dec 2015

Interview of Gilles PACAULT – Vice-president Delegate PRODIMARQUES

Gilles PACAULTCould you briefly tell us about PRODIMARQUES?

Prodimarques is a non-profit organisation founded in 1987 by the Ilec. It gathers over seventy groups of brand manufacturers and is dedicated to the promotion of manufacturers’ brands in the consumer goods’ sector.

Concretely, Prodimarques:

> undertakes communication actions to raise public and consumers’ awareness about the values inherent to manufacturers’ brands: innovation, quality, security and safety;

> represents and defends the interests of its members, on national and international scales, especially when joint action is deemed necessary.

> contributes to and enriches brand professionals’ discussion by offering them studies and monitoring tools as well as a forum for dialogue and debate.


You are the vice-president of PRODIMARQUES, could you explain what drives your association to support the CNE and its actions and especially be a sponsor of the contest “Emballé 3.0”?

Beyond their technical and logistics functions, packages are an important medium of brand communication and a differentiating factor against competitors. As we explained during a recent packaging trade fair, they are a key element of the marketing mix and one of the main means of innovation.

It is thus logical for Prodimarques to support the CNE and its actions, and especially the contest “Emballé 3.0” which is a symbol of creativity and of a search for innovative solutions.


What are the key issues of PRODIMARQUES’ members regarding their responsibility to packaging?

Can the CNE be legitimate to document some of these concerns?

Big brands have always embodied quality, innovation, choice and confidence. They represent know-how and they always have a status as a referent. They mean satisfaction and ensure a strong emotional link with consumers.

More recently, brands have been communicating their commitments for sustainable development thanks to their CSR reports. It is a legal duty and the reason for not doing it spontaneously was the fear of being accused of greenwashing.

The multi-brand campaign called “Les grandes marques s’engagent”[i] and coordinated by Prodimarques provides them with the opportunity to speak on environmental and societal topics, especially as they are collective. Prodimarques also supports the platform called “Réussir avec un marketing responsible[ii] whose objective is the sharing of better practices in eco-designing, up-cycling, supplying etc. like CNE’s preventive action cases.

PRODIMARQUES and its members actively participate in the CNE’s collective intelligence within its working groups. According to you, what are the subjects to be documented with the CNE to further improve “the best of packaging”?

We (Prodimarques and the CNE) could encourage the companies that have  documented your preventive action cases to offer their approaches to the platform “Bonnes pratiques en marketing durable[iii] in order to disseminate the better practices of consumer goods manufacturers more broadly and from different points of view: (in French).


[i]“Big brands are committed”

[ii] “Be successful with a responsible marketing”

[iii] “Good practices in sustainable marketing”