Interview with Carine Guerbet – Strategic Marketing Manager at NEOPOST SHIPPING

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Interview with Carine Guerbet – Strategic Marketing Manager at NEOPOST SHIPPING

Could you tell us a quick word about your position at Neopost Shipping and the company’s activities?

Neopost Shipping helps retail professionals offer their clients the best possible delivery experience while streamlining supply chain flow management.

Our solutions help manage package flows from custom packaging to delivery using automated deposit systems, including package preparation and tracking.

As Strategic Marketing Manager, my job is to create, manage and adapt our offer using studies and market analyses of the different markets on which Neopost Shipping is positioned. 

Neopost Shipping took part in the CNE’s ” Packaging and evolving consumer trends and distribution channels” Working Group; could you give us your point of view on the matter?

  •  E-commerce is becoming a prominent channel in product distribution, could you tell us about the idea of a “custom-made package” (your CVP-500 machine)?

 CVP-500 is an automated system which creates a custom-made package in real time for e-commerce orders of various sizes, whatever the number of products involved. Each package is cut out of cardboard sheets depending on the dimensions provided by a 3D scanner; the goods are automatically wrapped. CVP-500 also handles package weighing and labelling. And all of this in only a few seconds.

  •  What do you take away from the collective intelligence method used to produce the final document, involving stakeholders from different fields?

It seems like a very interesting approach in that every participant brings a different expertise and various application fields. The final document contains examples and best practices originating from assorted industries.

  •  As Strategic Marketing Manager, what are the strengths and weaknesses of the CNE’s Working Groups? (attendance, debates, reports, allotted speaking time, etc.)

The format based on three or four meetings is adequate and allows for an overview of the topics at hand and thorough discussion.

It could be relevant to broaden the geographical scope of the Working Group’s studies and analyses to include other European markets and trends (such as the United Kingdom and Germany on e-commerce, for example).

  •  You have contributed a lot of information to this Working Group. The CNE launches three new Working Groups every year, would you be willing to expand your partnership with us?

 Absolutely. I would be delighted to contribute to the CNE’s future work.

  •  As a Neopost Shipping representative, can you tell us which issues are viewed as priorities by your group and could be investigated in CNE Working Groups or other formats (morning briefing, etc.)?

 Retail is increasingly moving towards omnichannel distribution. Given this trend, it seems relevant to study the issue of an optimal packaging format compatible with all of these channels.

Another important issue to discuss would be best practices and new ideas to reduce packaging’s carbon footprint.

And finally, packaging customisation also sounds like an interesting idea.