Interview with Corinne Mercadié – Head of the Environmental and Packaging Quality Department at the Casino Group

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Interview with Corinne Mercadié – Head of the Environmental and Packaging Quality Department at the Casino Group

corinne-mercadieCan you tell us about your position and the Casino Group’s activities?

My team’s mission, when it comes to packaging, is to monitor the technical aspects of packaging compliance, used by the packers of our private-label products. We are especially focused on food/packaging contact documentation.

A few years ago, we only handled the ecodesign aspect of packaging; but due to evolving regulations pertaining to packaging materials, we’ve had to review our priorities. Our Purchasing department now handles the ecodesign part.

The Casino Group and the CNE share a history; can you tell us more about it (prevention cases catalogue, participation in working groups, etc.)?

During the time we were in charge of the ecodesign part, we were actively involved in the CNE’s working groups. With the prevention cases catalogue, our goal was to highlight the efforts we had made along with our suppliers which have led to many metric tons of material saved.

But we had fewer dealings with the CNE from the moment we refocused on the regulatory aspect of food/packaging contact.

The Casino Group plays an active role in the “Methodological guide for packaging/product compatibility”; could you give us your take on the subject?

Our dealings with foodstuff industry players of all sizes show that our contacts sometimes lack a good understanding of current regulations. That is completely understandable, their speciality is the product. However, it often seems that the only reason some aspects aren’t handled is simply because no one is aware of them. We are hoping this guide will help clarify each player’s role, like the packers who transform the packaging before filling it.

 As a Casino Group representative, what are some of your members’ packaging-related concerns that could be investigated by the CNE within its working groups or any other information means (morning brief, etc.)?

Packaging is often the target of media claims concerned about their alleged “hazards”. I believe it is necessary to reassure everyone by taking each of these topics and offering members and readers guides anticipating solutions. A newsletter focused on these new concerns could be an interesting project.