Interview with Jean LE MOUX, Eco-design and Recycling Director at Eco-Emballages

Interview with Olivier LABASSE – First General Delegate and CNE founder
Oct 2016
Interview with Valérie SIEGLER, Head of Marketing at Wattwiller
Oct 2016

Interview with Jean LE MOUX, Eco-design and Recycling Director at Eco-Emballages

capture-fun-mooc_nlWhat are the underlying objectives of your Eco-design-centred MOOC?

A Massive Open Online Course is free and open to all. It is available on the FUN platform set up by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, and participants will receive a certificate of attendance from the École Centrale de Lyon at the end of the course. This innovative format provides easy and flexible access for everyone to a training course from a renowned school, at their own pace. The packaging industry pioneered the first recycling chains; it seemed natural for us to explore these new media, too.

In what way did the CNE provide its expertise?

The MOOC lasts six weeks and contains videos, tests, reference materials, and an online support forum hosted by experts. These experts’ comments and the course materials are in large part based on CNE publications. On the one hand because these documents are landmark publications produced by the combined efforts of major players in the packaging industry and members of the CNE. Particularly the eco-design methodological guide, the overview of reuse systems, and the recommendations on environmental claims. And on the other hand because any course has to provide students with reliable sources to consult with in the future.

What is the content of the course?

This MOOC aims to provide a better understanding of the challenges and solutions in reducing a packaging’s environmental impact during its lifetime. The course also helps in mastering Eco-Emballages’ free online Life Cycle Analysis tools. Finally, it tackles the issue of highlighting consumer-oriented efforts by detailing the importance of responsible communication and marketing practices as well as presenting professional testimonies; this aspect is crucial to avoid greenwashing in our practices.

What kind of success and feedback are you expecting?

At this time, in early September, we have close to 1,000 registrations. That’s a good start for a first attempt! Obviously we will monitor participation and stay mindful of participants’ suggestions, to see if this format fits their expectations! And of course this will help Eco-Emballages improve the content and format of the training programs we offer our partners.

What’s next step (MOOC 2 or other MOOCs)?

Depending on the feedback we receive, we’re thinking about doing this again in 2017 and adding even more content, lecturers, professional testimonies, and teachers!


How can people enrol in the course?

All you have to do is register on the FUN platform, for free!

This MOOC will start on October 6th and end on November 20th. It is open to anyone and doesn’t call for any prerequisite knowledge. Students of course, are more than welcome, but so are employees, entrepreneurs, engineers, R&D and CSR executives, or product managers.