Interview with Valérie SIEGLER, Head of Marketing at Wattwiller

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Interview with Valérie SIEGLER, Head of Marketing at Wattwiller


Could you tell us a quick word about your role at Wattwiller?

I am Head of Marketing and Out-of-home Sales for the Wattwiller and Carola brands in France. Wattwiller is one of the leading brands of mineral water with a turnover of about € 20 million and 50 million litres sold annually. It is available all over France, mainly in supermarkets or health and high-end catering establishments, and it shows a healthy growth dynamic (+30% in five years).

Wattwiller launched the “flower” bottle cap, could you tell us how this project came to be?

The idea came from growing complaints from consumers who have trouble opening their water bottles, for many different reasons (smaller caps, reduced grip strength for the elderly, etc.). This is even more concerning in a market where people over 50 make up 50% of sales. Furthermore, our objective is to offer “the best water, in total serenity”; to achieve that goal we have decided to solve this everyday usage issue all the while bringing unique and high-end features to our packaging in a very competitive market.

You participated to CNE document: “packaging for all ages”:

  • Did you know about the CNE and its publications before that?

I can’t say I did.

  • What struck you during this collective intelligence experience to produce the final document?


At a time when society is tackling environmental challenges, rethinking services to individuals and changing its consumer habits on well-established markets, I think collective brainstorming on packaging issues is particularly interesting.”

Would Wattwiller want to take part in another working group? Yes