L’Oréal-CNE : strong ties

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L’Oréal-CNE : strong ties

visu_loreal« Adopting the very best in packaging for our consumers as for our planet »

L’Oréal is well-known for its efforts in terms of sustainable development, and as such, is a very active partner of the CNE. Alexandra Palt, the Manager of the Social and Environmental Responsibility Department, revisits the ties between the two companies.



Sustainable development is a crucial concern for L’Oréal. How do you integrate this dimension within the company?

Over the years, L’Oréal has always given a prominent place to the topic of social and environmental responsibility. This focus on sustainable development is now integrated within our value chain, whether in the field of research and innovation, in the field of production – 90% of which is ensured by ourselves, or in the way we address the consumers to encourage them to take on a sustainable consumption.


The interest you show in the environmental matters also brings you to regularly take part in the CNE’s work. What makes this partnership important to you?

As a leading company in the beauty industry, and advanced on the topic of sustainable development, we have a specific duty of high standards. For us, it is about designing the most beautiful products possible, with high standards of quality, security and environment at the same time. Packaging obviously has a prominent place in our concerns. It is crucial for transporting and maintaining our products, and it also reflects a lot the identity of our brands. In short, our goal consists in adopting the very best in packaging for our consumers as for our planet. This is the reason why our partnership with the CNE is both right and natural.


What do you share with the CNE?

We have been building our collaboration with the CNE for many years, among other things by taking part in their work and workshops dealing with environmental allegations related to product packaging or ecodesign. We also took part in carrying out many studies on packaging and health, key indicators of prevention and packaging based on renewable materials, etc.
But beyond that, one of the main added values of the CNE lies in its ability to gather consumers, producers and industrials to discuss and debate about these questions. I am personally convinced that only a collective dialogue with all the stakeholders will enable us to find the best solutions in terms of packaging.


On the 23rd of October, you organise a forum called the “Reimagining consumption summit”, at the Gaîté Lyrique in Paris. What is it about?

Now that we have made significant progress in terms of innovation and sustainable production, today’s challenge is to know how to address the consumers in order to encourage them to favour buying products with a low environmental impact. At L’Oréal, as in other companies, we think that in order to do that, we need to “reimagine” consumption to make it both sustainable and appealing. This forum is an opportunity to hear about examples of companies and brands which are making sustainable development fun, appealing and glamorous, as well as environmentally-friendly, and with a positive impact on society.