Jun 2017

Packaging & Content Compatibility

This document tackles the issues of compatibility between packaging and its content. It therefore serves as a reminder of regulatory obligations pertaining to each actor within […]
May 2017

Practical information: Packages for all ages

A product/packaging pairing suitable for everyone: regardless of age or impairment The French Packaging Council considers that the development of the product/packaging pairing should benefit all […]
Apr 2017

Interview with Daniel VALÉRO – Designer & Teacher in charge of project supervision/Associated Lecturer

Could you explain – in just a few words – what the PEC (Packaging & Conditioning) technological degree is? The PEC is a Packaging course in […]
Apr 2017

Interview with Bruno SIRI, CNE’s General Delegate

Opened to all, the CNE’s General Meeting took place in mid-March 2017. Could you please sum up the different documents published by the CNE in 2016? […]
Apr 2017

Interview with Isabelle SEVERIN – Lecturer at AgroSup Dijon

Could you please introduce your position and AgroSup Dijon’s activities in a few words? I am a lecturer-researcher in an engineering school, AgroSup Dijon. This school […]
Mar 2017

Practical information: Bulk or Pre-Packaged Products: Serving the Consumer’s Interests

From now on, the French packaging council summarize most of these documents in the form of practical sheet in one page: you will find there systematically: […]
Jan 2017

Interview with Sylvain MARTIN – Madelex SCM d’Avocats

Could you tell us a quick word about your packaging-related work? A lawyer can have two roles: he can be a legal adviser, or help settle […]
Jan 2017

Interview with Cyrielle Beller – Head of communication at the Association Française des Polyarthritiques (French Polyarthritis Patients Association, AFPric)

Could you tell us a quick word about your role at the AFPric? The AFPric exists to help polyarthritis and chronic inflammatory rheumatism patients to lead […]
Jan 2017

Interview with Corinne Mercadié – Head of the Environmental and Packaging Quality Department at the Casino Group

Can you tell us about your position and the Casino Group’s activities? My team’s mission, when it comes to packaging, is to monitor the technical aspects […]
Oct 2016

Packaging for all ages

By this new publication, the French Packaging Council shows all the importance of limitations linked to the consumers themselves – sociology, population pyramid, disabled consumers, etc. […]