Oct 2015

INCPEN fights against the litter of waste

The INCPEN Trade Association Group (TAG) was established in 1999 as an information-exchange network of supply chain associations.  Members share their views and information on issues concerning packaging and […]
Sep 2015

Jean Martin Interview, Chief Executive of the Plastics Processing industry and Composite Materials Federation

Could you tell us a briefly about your federation? Our federation is about 1,800 members strong and represents the entire industry. In France, the plastics industry […]
Sep 2015

Michel FONTAINE, CNE President, interview

5 years as chairman of the French Packaging Council (CNE): Can you summarise the landmark events of your five years as chairman of the CNE? First […]
Sep 2015

Interview with Bernd Philipp Ph.D in Management Sciences – Professor and Researcher at the École Supérieure du Commerce Extérieur (ESCE) in Paris

Could you tell us a bit about your activities and research? I am a professor and researcher in logistics and supply chain management at ESCE in […]
Apr 2015

Packaging and Traceability of products

The CNE publishes its document: ” packagings and Traceability of products “. Discover it by clicking Packaging and Traceability of products
Apr 2015

Interview With Bruno Siri, Executive Officer of the CNE

The Emballé 3.0 competition has now been held five times. Which conclusions can you draw from this yearly event? Each year, the French National Packaging Council […]
Apr 2015

Caroline Delacour from WORLDPRESSONLINE Interview

THE CNE AND WORLDPRESSONLINE, IN PERFECT AGREEMENT    Discover everything on the world of packaging with Caroline Delacour, Sales & Marketing Director, who will tell us […]
Apr 2015

Interview with Aymeric SCHULTZE, Chief Executive at ACN

Can you briefly present ACN? Alliance Carton Nature (ACN) represents food carton manufacturers in France (Tetra Pak, SIG Combiblok and Elopak), and endeavors to make food […]
Mar 2015

Emballage/Packaging Exhibition

PACKAGING PROCESSING PRINTING HANDLING : 4 complementary key business lines   Every 2 years, EMBALLAGE & MANUTENTION is a great business opportunity for all the packaging and […]
Nov 2014

Interview with Jan Le MOUX: director of prevention Eco-Emballages

Key points on projects of Eco-Emballages (prevention-information consumer-recyclability) Eco-Emballages is a founding member of the CNE. How does this relationship contribute to “the best of packaging”? […]