Jan 2014

L’Oréal-CNE : strong ties

« Adopting the very best in packaging for our consumers as for our planet » L’Oréal is well-known for its efforts in terms of sustainable development, and […]
Jan 2014

PepsiCo France-CNE: collaboration’s benefits

Magali Bordes is the Drinks Marketing and Productivity manager at PepsiCo France. She discusses the interest and the stakes of the collaboration between the company and […]
Jan 2014

Why products are packaged the way they are?

Or everything you always wanted to know about packaging without ever knowing whom to ask.   « Savez-vous comment est rempli un pot de yaourt ? Comment est […]
Jan 2014

Recycled glass: the first raw material of the glass industry

The glass industry was the first industry to start collecting and recycling its packaging. Today it achieves a record recycling rate. We discussed this policy with […]
Jun 2013

Interview of Jean-Marc Doré, President and founder of the GEPPIA

Created at the end of 2005, the French Packaging & Processing Machinery Association joined the National Council for Packaging (CNE) last April. Jean-Marc Doré, President of […]
Jun 2013

Interview of Fabrice Peltier, President of the INDP (Institut National du Design Packaging)

Designers, who created packaging, joined the CNE last April. Fabrice Peltier, President of the French Design Packaging Institute, talks about the reasons of the INDP’s membership […]
Jun 2013


Earlier this year, the CNE started a working group called “Why are products packed this way?”. The President, Michel Fontaine, provides us with explanations.
Jun 2013


In 2013, la Revue des Marques (The Journal of the Brands) is celebrating its 20th anniversary. It is the perfect opportunity to highlight the importance of […]
Jun 2013

Bulk products, packed products

Products have always been sold in bulk: fruits and vegetables, retail meat products, milk at the farm or nails and screws sold by the kilo, to […]
Mar 2013

Interview: Nicole SALDUCCI

Regulatory & Scientific Affairs Communication Manager at Procter & Gamble and President of the ILEC Environment commitee, Nicole Salducci demonstrates the importance of the old relationship […]