Nov 2012

Gilles BAUDIN’s Interview

Today, the expertise in packaging is a strategic activity, which is essential to the performance of the product. It is at the heart of manufacturers’ concerns […]
Nov 2012

CNE’s position on the comparisons of environmental impacts of packaging made from different materials.

Several economic stakeholders present comparisons of environmental impacts of packaging made from different materials.
Nov 2012

Edible packaging: Interview of David Edwards

At a time when “edible packaging” is being increasingly talked about on blogs, Henri SAPORTA, Chief Editor of Emballages Magazine (Packaging Magazine) met one of the […]
Nov 2012

Recommendations and views of CNE on environmental claims concerning product packaging

The last years have seen multiple environmental communication campaigns highlighting environmental issues when designing products, including their packaging. This is especially true since 2011, after the […]
Jul 2012

Discover tools and services for packaging reduction proposed by European Green Dot companies!

Pro-Europe, the European association representing Green Dot companies in charge of household packaging prevention and recycling, has launched a web site dedicated to packaging waste prevention […]
Jul 2012

Household packaging from ten mass markets products

Since 1997, the tonnage of household packaging has been evolving due to different considerations: demography, household size, modifications of consumption patterns or features of packaging.   […]
Jul 2012

Eco-Emballages Packaging reduction indicator: presentation of the methodology and associated tool

French professional associations ANIA and ILEC have committed themselves in 2008 to achieve a packaging reduction target. The packaging chain accreditation by the French public authorities, […]
Jul 2012

Companies’ testimonials

Two companies give us their point of view on this topic: Patrice Zirotti from Auchan (retailer) and Hervé Billot from Les Brasseurs de Gayant (Breweries).   […]
Jul 2012

To help household packaging towards packaging reduction

The CEO of Eco-Emballages, Eric Brac de La Perrière, has granted us an interview. This interview provided us an opportunity to review the role of this […]
May 2012

Packaging reduction, a major issue for sustainable consumption:

Eco-emballages implements the cne packaging reduction indicator. Sustainable consumption is a major society goal. The “Grenelle” law has defined a municipal waste reduction target of 7%. […]