Jan 2018

Packaging claims

French consumers can directly read on their products (or on other informative material) claims about packaging. Regarding environmental claims, the French Packaging Council specifies that in […]
Jul 2017


As a responsible civil society organisation, CNE cannot be indifferent to the pollution caused by littering. CNE is committed to providing, as far as packaging is […]
Oct 2016

Edible packaging

On a regular basis, publications shed light on research on new materials that would make edible primary packaging (in direct contact with the product) a reality. […]
Dec 2015

Media communications related to Packaging

POSITION PAPER on Communications Related to Packaging Representatives from member organisations have expressed concern about the increasing number of publications and communications about packaging, questioning their […]
Jul 2015

Environmental claim “less paperboard packaging means less trees are cut down” is false

On the environmental claim regarding product packaging that “less paperboard packaging means less trees are cut down”. The claim “less trees are cut down” which implies […]
Jan 2015


Several initiatives concerning shops that sell products, particularly food products, in « bulk » have been discussed in the media. Statements that are sometimes false and are often […]
Sep 2012

Comparisons of environmental impacts of packaging made from different materials: Position paper by French packaging council

Download : Comparison English version / Version anglaise
Sep 2011

Environmental claims on product packaging

Download : Claims English version / Version anglaise
Jun 2010

Acceptance of packaging for the product, for the consumer and for the user

The criteria of packaging acceptance, particularly consumer acceptance, is often seen as being purely subjective. However, consumer acceptance, as for the packaged product, is a reference […]
Jun 2009

Definition and assessment of over-packaging

The French Packaging Council believes that packaging is first a provider of a variety of functions with regard to a product and its users before being […]