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Jun 2013
Jun 2013


In 2013, la Revue des Marques (The Journal of the Brands) is celebrating its 20th anniversary. It is the perfect opportunity to highlight the importance of packaging for major brands

50_Pic01In addition to being a good means to preserve, use, transport and communicate, packaging is an essential factor of innovation for major brands. That is what Prodimarques emphasized at a round-table that it organized during the 40th Packaging Exhibition in 2012 (Emballage 2012), and which gathered three brand managers: Béghin Say, Ricard and Apéricube, as well as an international expert in packaging, Lars Wallentin.


La Revue des Marques gives to its readers broadened thoughts on manufacturers’ brands from different perspectives: strategy, communication, marketing, packaging, rules and regulations, case studies and of course the history of a major brand (Saga des Marques).


Society has been evolving over the past twenty years. New technologies have changed communication, information and relationship patterns. Nowadays, everything is going faster, becoming global and dematerialized.


To celebrate this anniversary, a special edition of la Revue des Marques gives a voice to CEOs of brand companies and professional institutions. They share their thoughts on the impact of these changes on brand management, and their vision for the future.


Manufacturers’ major brands have always represented know-how, and most of all, they have turned innovation into a driving force for markets development.

Considering this, the CNE, among other things, helps us anticipate consumers’ expectations and identify weak signals from society for marketers to be better prepared to meet increasing expectations regarding environmental, health, hygiene and safety issues or corporate social responsibility.


The basic rules in brand management are the same: building trust and loyalty — the CNE’s President incidentally brought his contribution, and showed to what extent packaging is a powerful leverage to build trust[1]. Therefore, we must know better and talk more with evermore informed and demanding consumers. We must always improve and innovate to adapt to their needs and communicate all the time and everywhere, but with fairness, transparency and responsibility. For example, “environmental claims on product packaging” is a document written by the CNE for companies to relate to best practices in order to write honest, solid and correct information.


Therefore, more than ever, packaging, either of a product or related to dematerialized tools, will be a means to better communicate with consumers.


Brands bear their share for the best of packaging by actively participating in the CNE’s working groups.


In this special edition, we also would like to address our thanks to our partners, as among which the CNE, who contributed to our editions and brought its expertise on several occasions.