Jul 2017

Packaging the development of consumption patterns and distribution channels

For the past few years, the link between the product and its consumer/user has been developing rapidly; whether it regards production, distribution or consumption/use, the changes […]
Jun 2017

Packaging & Content Compatibility

This document tackles the issues of compatibility between packaging and its content. It therefore serves as a reminder of regulatory obligations pertaining to each actor within […]
Oct 2016

Packaging for all ages

By this new publication, the French Packaging Council shows all the importance of limitations linked to the consumers themselves – sociology, population pyramid, disabled consumers, etc. […]
Oct 2016

LET US CELEBRATE TOGETHER 20 YEARS OF THE CNE! Discover our present “The right packaging”

20 YEARS BIRTHDAY FOR THE FRENCH NATIONAL COUNCIL FOR PACKAGING At the today rythm of 2 to 3 documents and position papers per year (35 from […]
Sep 2016

Household packaging from ten mass markets products : evolution 1997-2012

Since 1997, the tonnage of household packaging has been evolving due to different considerations: demography, household size, modifications of consumption patterns or features of packaging. To […]
May 2016

Packaging and deposit systems: Overview of reuse systems

The CNE’s document entitled “Packaging and deposit systems: Overview of reuse systems” demonstrates, through various examples, that deposit systems for the reuse of packaging are very […]
Dec 2015

Packaging as Key Element in Product Logistics

By this new publication, the French Packaging Council wished to assert all the importance of the packaging in the logistics of products. In this document, the French Packaging Council  analyzes […]
Apr 2015

Packaging and Traceability of products

Traceability is a regulatory requirement for numerous products. With this document, the French Package Council (CNE) shows how important packaging is as a tool for traceability […]
Sep 2014

Packaging and Circular Economy

The CNE wanted to explore the concept of the circular economy model on the one hand and apply it to packaging more specifically on the other. […]
Mar 2014

Bulk products Pre-packed products: Recommendations from the French Packaging Council

Nowadays, at a time when sustainable development, CSR (corporate social responsibility), the need for citizens to find a meaning to consumption and the economic crisis are […]