Oct 2009

Taking into account environmental requirements in the design and manufacture of packaging

Pactical guide which aims to help professional within the packaging chain to comply with the provisions which transpose, in France, the European Directive related to packaging […]
Oct 2009

Acceptance of packaging for the product, for the consumer and for the user

The criteria of packaging acceptance, particularly consumer acceptance, is often seen as being purely subjective. However, consumer acceptance, as for the packaged product, is a reference […]
Sep 2009

Definition and assessment of over-packaging

The French Packaging Council believes that packaging is first a provider of a variety of functions with regard to a product and its users before being […]
Sep 2009

Emballages compostables et matériaux plastiques dits « biodégradables » issus de ressources renouvelables

Download : Emb compostables
May 2007

Ecorecharge, vide technique, suremballage des produits d’entretien de la maison et d’hygiène de la personne

Download : Ecorecharges DPH    
May 2007

Emballages Suremballages des yaourts et des autres produits laitiers ultra-frais

Download : Emballages produits laitiers
Jan 2007

Etre ou ne pas être emballé ?

Download : Etre ou ne pas être emballé
Jan 2003

Consommons responsable pour réduire nos déchets d’emballages.

Download : Consommons responsable    
Aug 2001

La prévention des déchets d’emballages ménagers par de meilleures pratiques de consommation.

Download : Meilleures pratiques de consommation