Recommendations and views of CNE on environmental claims concerning product packaging

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Sep 2012
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Recommendations and views of CNE on environmental claims concerning product packaging

The last years have seen multiple environmental communication campaigns highlighting environmental issues when designing products, including their packaging. This is especially true since 2011, after the implementation of the Grenelle laws and after environmental challenges were taken into account by economic stakeholders.

green paint home improvementSome of these communication efforts have drawn the CNE’s attention because they do not seem appropriate. Thus, after writing a position paper (Environmental claims on product packaging – French Packaging Council recommendations), the CNE has wished to take part in the improvement of environmental claims.

In its last publication, the CNE confirmed its position on environmental claims concerning the packaging of all products in order to:

  1. Align practices in environmental information with what is required,
  2. Avoid misleading consumers.


The CNE recommends respecting the following 4 basic rules:

  1. Compliance with the current legislation requirements and best practices,
  2. Inform on the product/packaging couple in compliance with Law N° 2009-967 of August 3, 2009, also called Grenelle I.
  3. In the case of an environmental claim that only applies to packaging, the communication actions should be well-proportioned: a reduction of a certain order of magnitude in the packaging’s environmental footprint should not explicitly or implicitly give consumers the impression that it is the product/packaging couple as a whole that has been improved in the same order of magnitude.
  4. All environmental claims should be accurate, comprehensive and objective. They should also be based on liable information and objectively proven.


Document available on the CNE’s website under the heading Library/Publications.