The French Packaging Council wishes Ameripen a warm welcome

Mar 2011
L’emballage et la santé, l’hygiène et la sécurité
Jul 2011

The French Packaging Council wishes Ameripen a warm welcome

Michel Fontaine met Joan Pierce, AMERIPEN’s President, during a recent trip to New York.

14_Pic01This young association, which is the American institute for packaging and the environment, will represent the North American market, whereby best use is made of the role, benefits and functions of packaging in society, such as protection of products and the environment and supplying information to and meeting the needs of consumers and customers.


The American Institute for Packaging and the Environment will engage and collaborate with existing industry organizations to leverage their expertise in areas of:

– analyzing the environmental and social effects of packaging

– creating a better understanding of the role of packaging

– minimizing the environmental impact of packaging

The French Packaging Council (CNE for the French acronym) and AMERIPEN wish to work together on all important packaging topic.

The CNE thinks this international connexion is a key to strengthen its franco-european work.


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