CNE diary for the next three months
Mar 2011
The French Packaging Council wishes Ameripen a warm welcome
Jun 2011


We highlight one or two examples of prevention from the selection posted on our website. In this issue, we would like to present two examples: Thibault-Bergeron boxes of chocolate and the Coca-Cola bottle.


Thibault-Bergeron has designed and manufactured packaging for the confectionary, chocolate, spirits, cosmetics and fine food sectors, amongst others, in France since 1890. In a move to implement ecodesign and reduce packaging, the false bottom of their boxes was removed. Although the amount of chocolate is unchanged, the height of the boxes is reduced. The Marketing Department and Design Office produced new templates and then redesigned the structure with capacity tests over a six-month period, requiring an investment of €15,000. Below is a before and after shot of the 375 g boxes.


Coca-Cola, which needs no introduction, wanted to lower the weight of its glass bottles (both returnable and non-returnable) by approximately 11%. Six months were needed to identify solutions, approve the quality criteria and conduct tests at the laboratory in Brussels and the plants in Clamart and Marseille. Coca-Cola has also reduced its carbon footprint via the reduction in transported weight. Consumers will not notice any change.


Please do not hesitate to share your prevention initiatives by downloading an application pack here.